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23 June 2023

Symphony Space

New York City


13 November 2022

McCallum Theatre

Palm Desert, California


16 April 2021

SAS Theatre


Performance 01

RECOLLECTION features a wide range of creative works carefully designed and arranged by Lauren in collaboration with talented artists. This performance is a swift sift through once-mere ideas scribbled on lined sheets, transformed into fully-realized dance pieces. RECOLLECTION, the Company’s debut performance, is a medley of the bright and bubbly, the determined and athletic, the leisurely and pure, the dark and intense. All four pieces were conceptualized over the past two years, never leaving the pages of extensive journals and the forefront of mind – until now...


Charlene Clyde Headshot (credit Crispian



Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), NAFA scholarship, Diploma in Dance Programme

Charlene Clyde is a movement artist specialising in contemporary, lyrical, jazz, and ballet. Her work combines dance, choreography and modelling in an attempt to study the limitless physical potential of the human body and its connection to movement to itself through improvisation. Starting her dance training at the age of three, Charlene fell in love with dance at the Attitude Performing Arts Studio in Singapore.  Charlene is a versatile dancer and has performed many works for the Esplanade Da:ns Festival. She has also been active in the competitive dance scene and has won numerous awards locally and internationally. Most particularly, Charlene attended dance intensives at the Batsheva Dance Company (Israel) and the East point West | Interdisciplinary Festival of Embodiment (Malaysia). 




Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Grant by the Singapore Ministry of Education)

Philippine High School for the Arts (Full scholarship), Outstanding Student Artist


Reneejo Euriel Villarosa Lascano (Eurie) worked with artists and choreographers such as Christina Chan, Ezekiel Oliviera, Jeffrey Tan, Dr. Filomar Tariao, Richard Chappell, Klievert Mendoza, Sandra Leong, and Lim Fei Shen. She participated in NAFA’s Overseas Immersion Program with Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, United Kingdom. Eurie was a Project Artist with Frontier Danceland and has performed pieces created by Keigo Nozaki and Low Mei Yoke. She participated at the Nederlands Dans Theater Summer Intensive 2019 where she received a full-scholarship offer. Eurie worked with Xenres Kirishima for his piece entitled “Tempest” premiered during “Up Side Right”, a double-bill production that focused on the inversion technique as sponsored by Singapore’s National Arts Council. She also performed for a *Scape Initiative film production still by the works of Xenres Kirishima entitled “Vessel” and will be launched in digital platforms on February 2021.

Kimmie Marie Cumming Headshot.jpg


Taipei National University of the Arts, Ballet and Contemporary

School of the Arts Singapore


Kimmie Marie Cumming previously performed with Dance Company Nanine Linning in Germany and, as a Project Dancer, with T.H.E Dance Company and T.H.E Second Company. Kimmie was a semi-finalist in the 2018 Seoul International Dance Competition in Korea. Apart from dancing, Kimmie’s work, “The Current Situation”, a co-choreography with fellow classmate from Taipei National University received honourable mention in the Taiwan Dance Choreography Competition.

Michelle V. Lim Headshot (creds to Kurt



The Juilliard School, New York City, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance

School of the Arts Singapore

Michelle V. Lim is a professional dancer, choreographer, and personal trainer and coaches other performers in contemporary dance and musical theatre. She began training as a dancer at the age of three and later competed in tennis and track before formalising her dance training. 


Romaine Lee Headshot (creds to Shaun Ho)



New Zealand School of Dance, Contemporary Major Programme

School of the Arts Singapore


Romaine Lee trained in classical ballet and contemporary dance and received tutelage from prominent dancers such as Ms. Silvia Yong and Ms. Yun Ying Foo.  Romaine performed in numerous venues over the past few years and competed in the Asian Grand Prix ballet competition which resulted in direct entry to NZSD.  With international pre-professional training and experience, Romaine is currently based in *SCAPEdance residency programme and is a ballet teacher for young children. Her focus is to combine her training in ballet and contemporary dance.

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